Opinion on OC?

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Opinion on OC?

Post  bigjohnmcvicker on Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:54 pm

I personally like the idea of open carry being legal. IMHO It may save YOU from an attack on the street as we all know criminals feed off of the weak. But I think it defeats the purpose. They will know you have a gun so they know what they need to do to win the confrontation. Sure you might not get robbed and its good for you. But I feel you are doing little to help others. Lets say someone robs a gas station/store any place and you are there and open carrying he is going to eliminate any threats first. Which may be you if he sees you have a gun. I feel it could make a bad situation worse. If he doesn't know you have a gun then you're better off. Also if you have a CPL you have taken a range test and had your background checked including finger printing. So I know you can hit your target and your not a criminal or a nut job. So to a point I am glad its legal but don't plan on practicing it. You can protect not only yourself but others also by cc. This is just my opinion.

Whats yours?

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